June 30, 2015

CNA Training In Georgia

CNA Training In Georgia imageThere are many schools offering CNA training in Georgia and you will be surprised howmany there are across the state. Every county has plenty of training schools that you can get your Certified Nursing Assistants qualification from.

When you graduate successfully from your CNA training in Georgia you will be able to apply for and register for your National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Exam and practise as a CNA. In Georgia you may have a variety of different job titles when you have finished your CNA training in Georgia and be known as a nurse aide, a home health aide, a geriatric assistant or even a patient care technician.

CNA Training in Georgia – Salaries

Like many other states, the salary for a graduate of CNA training in Georgia does vary significantly. Typically you will be starting out at around $10 to $11 per hour or in the region of $17,000 a year. This does vary according to your location, qualifications and the employer.

The opportunity to increase your pay does exist within Georgia and you can work your way up to $25,000 to $28,000 a year later on. If you are considering CNA training in Georgia then you need to be aware that bilingual CNA’s can get paid a lot more! The average salary for a bilingual CNA is $31,000! So if you know a second language and are bilingual then you will find Georgia a great place to complete your CNA training.

CNA Training In Georgia – Requirements

All state approved CNA training in Georgia follows the rules provided by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA). This ensures some conformity of training across Georgia nd the rest of the United States.

This case you will be taught communication and inter-person, personal care skills, basic nursing skills, social service needs, metnal health needs, how to care for someone with demedtia and the rights of residents / patients. There’s a lot to cover but you won’t find it too hard at all.

The CNA training in Georgia is designed to prepare you to take (and pass) the CNA certification exam so you can get a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant within the state of Georgia.

There are courses of longer duration you could attend which train you in phlebotomy and EKG skills. The advantage of these is it gives you more skills and hence more job prospects. If you are undertaking your CNA training in Georgia then you could look at this additional training to enhance your employability.

The examinaton is a two part exam which firstly tests your knowledge through a multiple choice test and secondly tests your skills through a practical examination. You will be expected to perform the practical tests either on a real person or a dummy, depending on the test, so be prepared!

Some patient care technician programs are state approved as nurse aide and require more course time but offer the student EKG and phlebotomy training . This additional training can mean better CNA job prospects as well as future certification opportunities as EKG and phlebotomy technicians.

You are expected to submit secure and verifiable documentation with your application to become a CNA otherwise you will not be allowed to register. They are very strict on this as they know many people undertake CNA training in Georgia and then go off to work with vulnerable people and the state has a responsibility to ensure the patients are safe.

CNA Training In Georgia – Schools

Here are a few of the state approved locations offering CNA Training in Georgia:

Jackson’s CNA Training
1707 East Oglethorpe Boulevard, Albany, GA 31705-2930
(229) 888-5086

Faith Cna Training Center
2641 Kennesaw Due West Road, Kennesaw, GA 30144-3556
(770) 428-2233

New Beginnings CNA Training
4122 East Ponce Deleon Avenue Suite 3, Clarkston, GA 30021
(678) 462-7702

Cna Training Academy
107 E Lafayette Sq, LaFayette, GA 30728-2929
(706) 638-7768

CNA Nursing School-Calhoun
135-1 Professional Ct, Calhoun, GA 30701-7027
(706) 629-2651

Tender Care Training School – Medical Training
1140 Druid Park Avenue, Augusta, GA 30904
(706) 736-9225 – (706) 736-0995

Assist A Nurse Training Center Inc
833 Campbell Hill Street Northwest, Marietta, GA 30060-1134
(678) 355-0043

Murray Career Institute
233 Mitchell St SW # 550, Atlanta, GA 30303-3326
(404) 228-1568

Primecare Nursing Services Training Center
234 Glen Milner Boulevard, Rome, GA 30161-3236
(706) 234-8500

Caregiver Solutions
1835 E Park Place Blvd # 110, Stone Mountain, GA 30087-3457
(770) 710-0202

(Source: Georgia Board of Nursing website)

There are numerous other schools offering CNA training in Georgia which you can find in this document here.

You can also find a lot of companies offering you CNA training online which is an alternative method of gaining the Certified Nursing Assistant certification.

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Find out more information at the Georgia State Board Of Nursing about CNA Training In Georgia.

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